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For the past 35 years, every U.S. Presidential administration has had as one of its stated goals the removal of America’s dependence on “foreign oil”.  For 35 years, this goal has not only gone unachieved, but America has in fact grown more dependent on foreign sources of oil to support a growing economy in need of reliable energy sources capable of supporting economic expansion on a national scale.  In this same time span, we have witnessed inter-dependent economic globalization, the economic risks of a highly volatile international oil market, growing public and private interest in “renewable” energy sources to augment or replace existing energy solutions, public acceptance of alternative energy sources to power our daily lives (for example hybrid vehicles), increasingly cost-effective alternative energy solutions for consumers, and public and private institutions with varying business and political interest levels in “clean” energy solutions.

Sigma Solar understands that oil and the oil industry will power our lives in a significant proportionality.  Oil is integrated into the supply chain as petroleum is used for everything from fueling our commercial jetliners to paving our highways with asphalt; from plastic grocery bags for our shopping to women’s makeup.  However, there is no reason why solutions for powering commercial and home systems cannot support our total energy infrastructure which by its very existence helps to address the call to reduce dependence on foreign oil.  

SSEC is a seasoned team with over 300 years of collective experience in renewable energy systems development and successful deployments.

Our Engineers, Project Managers, and Business Professionals experience includes:

  • High Efficiancy cutting edge Photovoltaic PV Systems Development for Space Applications and Terrestrial Applications
  • Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Product Lifecycle Management PLM including Design, site surveys, sourcing, procurement, receiving, assembly in Free Trade Zone, Testing, Deployment, and Installation and Technical Support, Maintenance and System Monitoring.
  • Environmental Analysis, site geographical identification and civil engineering certifications
  • Seismic Analysis and Reporting
  • Overall Systems Engineering, Project Management for Government and Commercial Renewable Energy Deployments
  • Key Strategic Partners capabilities - Multinational major solar array manufacturing facilities, and major solar array systems deployments in the USA, Europe, and the Far East